DrPillai2Yoga Classes run term time weeks (see below for dates)

Holistic Chi-Yoga Classes

Holistic Chi Yoga classes include: Chi Kung (gentle movement), Holistic Yoga (yoga postures & breathing exercises) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

Wednesdays 7.30pm-8.50pm – Live in-person class in Launceston town centre

Standard Rate: £7.50/class or £65/10 classes*
Supporter Rate: £9/class or £80/10 classes*
Concession Rate: £6/class or £50/10 classes*

Please contact us for details and bookings for classes on 07941199001
or by email: barry [at] (change [at] for @ before sending)

Term Dates

Autumn term 1: 12th September – 21st October 2022 (6 weeks)
Autumn half-term: 24th October – 28th October 2022 (1 week – no classes)
Autumn term 2: 31st October – 16th December 2022 (7 weeks)
Winter holiday: 19th December 2022 – 6th January 2023 (3 weeks – no classes)
Spring term 1: 9th January – 10th February 2023 (5 weeks)
Spring half-term: 13th-19th February 2023 (1 week – no classes)
Spring term 2: 20th February – 31st March 2023 (6 weeks)
Spring holiday: 3rd April – 14th April 2023 (2 weeks – no classes)
Summer term 1: 17th April – 26th May 2023 (6 weeks)
Summer half-term: 29th May – 2nd June 2023 (1 week – no classes)
Summer term 2: 5th June – 21st July 2022 (7 weeks)
Summer holiday: Begins 24th July (6 weeks)


Barry trained with:
University of Wales Trinity St. David – MA, History and Philosophy of Yoga
Devon School of Yoga – Diploma, Yoga Teaching
Yoga Nidra Network – Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator
Yoga Biomedical Trust – Diploma, Yoga Therapy
Original Wisdom – Sanskrit
Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies – History and Philosophy of Yoga, Sanskrit
Nourish Yoga Training – Teaching Inclusive Yoga
Tai Chi Nation – Instructor Certificate, Chi Kung (Qigong)
Birthlight – Diploma, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga


Barry has over 25 years experience of yoga and chi kung, including attending courses, workshops, events, and simply being around and chatting with great teachers. Thanks and appreciation are due, but not limited to, the following teachers and institutions:

Duncan Hulin and the teaching team – Devon School of Yoga, Exeter
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli – Yoga Nidra Network
Lucy Crisfield – Original Wisdom (Sanskrit)
Theodora Wildcroft – SOAS CYS (Trauma Sensitivity, Inclusive Yoga, Yoga Nidra)
Zoë Slatoff – Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (Sanskrit)
Nick Sutton – Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (Yoga History & Philosophy)
Robin Monro – Yoga Biomedical Trust, London (Yoga Therapy)
Francoise Freedman – Birthlight Trust, Cambridge (Perinatal Yoga)
Mikel Burley – University of Leeds (Yoga History & Philosophy)
Harriet McAtee & Simran Uppal – Nourish Yoga Training (Inclusive Yoga)
Santosa yogis – Santosa Yoga Festival, Somerset
Mata Amritanandamayi – Amritapuri Ashram, India
Swami Nischalananda – Mandala Ashram, Wales
Rajesh David & Upasana – Mandala Ashram, Wales
Joe Salmon – Tai Chi Nation, Exeter (Chi Kung)
Devon Yoga Teacher’s Federation, Devon
Peter Yates and other independent yogis – Independent Yoga Network

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