Barry Elms MA
Macologist – Musician – Yoga Teacher

ElmsgroveYoga4Barry has over 25 years experience of yoga and chi kung. He is a Devon School of Yoga teacher, and has been a tutor on their Teacher Training Courses since 2010, specialising in the history and philosophy of yoga, yoga nidra (deep relaxation practice), and kirtan (yoga mantra practice). 070 BARRY ELMS 070YEF
Barry is a qualified and insured yoga teacher, holds an MA in the history and philosophy of yoga. mhfa_mentalhealthfirstaiderbadgecolourHe is a Yoga Elder member of Yoga Teachers Together, and also a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England).

Barry plays harmonica, guitar and keys in a ’60s cover band, and also plays harmonium, leading yoga mantra sessions (kirtan) on Devon School of Yoga courses, and at yoga festivals and other events. He teaches harmonica and harmonium for beginners. Barry is the Executive Chair of the UK charity HarmonicaUK.

Barry is also an IT professional; he has used Macs since the mid-’90s and iPhones since the 3GS. He currently provides IT support on Mac and iOS devices for Resonance, a Social Impact Investment company based in Launceston and operating out of offices across the UK. 

Phone/text: 0794 199 001
Email: barry [at] elmsgrove.com  (change [at] for @ before sending)
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/elmsgrove
Facebook: facebook.com/elmsgrove
Twitter: twitter.com/elmsgrove


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