Barry Elms MA

Macologist – Musician – Yoga Teacher


Good Night Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation)
Wednesdays 9pm on Zoom – no charge, donation if able
Please text 07941199001 to be added to the list

New Garden Yoga Nidra – free download from the Yoga Nidra page

About Barry

Barry has over 25 years of yoga experience and has been a tutor on Devon School of Yoga‘s Teacher Training Courses since 2007. He runs Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) sessions and studies Sanskrit in his spare time.

Barry is mainly a harmonica and harmonium player, however, he also plays washboard and rhythm guitar reasonably competently. His preferred music to play is English folk, Americana/Roots (blues, old time, jug band), and Indian mantra music.  Barry leads yoga mantra sessions (kirtan) on Devon School of Yoga courses and around Devon and Cornwall. He usually play harmonium at these sessions, but has been known to play guitar and percussion too. He teaches harmonica and harmonium for beginners.

LinkedInBarry has used Macs since studying BSc MediaLab Arts degree in the mid-90’s. He currently provides IT support on Mac and iOS devices for Resonance, a Social Impact Investment company based in Launceston and operating out of offices across the UK.


Contact Barry at: barry [at] elmsgrove.com  (change [at] for @ before sending)

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